Does COVID 19 Cause Divorce?

Posted by Leslee NewmanMay 22, 20200 Comments

The pandemic of Covid 19 has swept us up and dramatically changed the way we live in just a matter of weeks. Our existence has become restricted, regulated, and different than we've ever known. We have all become isolated in our own homes. The freedom to come and go as we wish has been greatly altered. We cannot go to restaurants, to our offices and work sites, and to many public places. We cannot enter places of religious worship, attend lectures, professional meetings, go to the theater, to concerts, to movies, or even personally meet with friends. And our children cannot go to school. How traumatically sad for those students in the Class of 2020, graduating from high school and college.

With children now at home full-time, who cares for them, who teaches them, who keeps them busy, and prepares their meals? We are all prisoners of the Covid pandemic, isolating ourselves to avoid this terrible, and often deadly disease, especially for mature and older adults.

And as we sacrifice and struggle to remain healthy, most of us are restricted from our work places, or worse, furloughed, laid off from work, or even permanently terminated. Thus, without the expected household cash flow, how will we maintain our residences, and way of life? How long can we hang on, even with some promised government assistance or unemployment checks? If the disease doesn't make you ill, the worry about paying the bills and trying to maintain a standard of living is enough to make you sick.

Although we have suffered many tragic events in the “golden state” due to disastrous fire storms, and earthquakes, this silent pandemic is not limited to certain areas or neighborhoods. It doesn't respect boundaries, and will spread wherever it can. All we can do is to isolate ourselves from carriers of this terrible disease.

How are families bearing through these troubled times? Are spouses respecting one another, working more closely with one another? Are spouses acting more lovingly to one another, with greater patience and understanding, or are they pebbling apart? Are thoughts or threats of divorce making this crisis even more unbearable?

To make matters worse, courts are closed, with no cases to be heard right away. No court orders or final judgments are being filed by the court. What can be done?

Right now, we have no choice. If divorce appears inevitable or necessary, it's time to slow down, obtain information, and to carefully learn about the different options of divorce.

One of the most caring ways to do this is to learn how to stay out of court by utilizing a divorce process like mediation or a simplified collaborative divorce. Not only are these methods faster, more respective and caring, but generally speaking, much less expensive than the traditional litigated divorce.

To learn more, contact Orange County collaborative professionals in your areas from the member's page of Collaborative Divorce Solutions of Orange County. Obtain information up front about better alternatives to divorce or separation from experienced legal, mental health, and financial professionals who are compassionate and experienced in their respective areas of divorce and separation.