The Best Kept Secret of How to Divorce

Posted by Leslee NewmanApr 17, 20190 Comments

What most family law attorneys don't want you to know is that you can save a bundle by keeping your family law matter out of court through mediation or a streamlined collaborative divorce process.

Did you know that the cost of fully litigating a divorce case in court is skyrocketing? It's not unusual to hear that a litigated divorce is upwards of $100,000 or more! And after the battle of multiple court appearances, do husband and wife even want to talk to each other for the benefit of their children?

Be smart and do what's best for your family. Investigate how you can stay out of court with a mediated or streamlined collaborative process. Divorce Peacemaker, Leslee Newman, offers a free session with husband and wife to learn how to do your divorce out of court. Just give Leslee a call at (714)485-2880 to schedule your appointment.