Why I Prefer to Assist Couples Peacefully Through Divorce

Posted by Leslee NewmanOct 07, 20190 Comments

As a family law attorney, what sets me apart from other lawyers? Well, I like to think that it is my compassion, kindness, and the fact that I really care about my clients. I want to help each person transform their life and finish their divorce stronger than when they began.

So many couples don't know that they have a choice, and that they don't have to slug it out in court. Through divorce mediation or collaboration, all agreements must go to court to be signed by a judge, and filed in the court record, but husband and wife don't have to go. Through an amicable, uncontested divorce, it is possible to never step inside a courtroom.

Through three decades of my family law practice, I have been able to spare the couples I have worked with in mediation, collaborative divorce, and cooperative divorce, the turmoil, cost, burden, and unpleasantness of having to litigate in court. Unfortunately, once husband and wife voice the worst things about one another in the courtroom, there is often no turning back, and the psychological harm to husband and wife, as well as to their children, may never be repaired.

The Collaborative Divorce Process allows couples to have a respectful divorce that preserves the dignity of both parties. The process is designed to enable couples to make the important decisions about their divorce and not leave them to the judge who will have a limited understanding of the needs of both parties. The process is an interest-based negotiation. The final results allow each spouse to move on in their post-divorce life in a much healthier way than any litigation or adversarial process offers. Many of my clients who have selected the Collaborative Divorce process are transformed and in a better place because of that choice.