How to Arrange Custody of Your Dog or Cat through Mediation.

Posted by Leslee NewmanApr 18, 20230 Comments

     About a year ago, I received a very unique request for mediation.  Husband and Wife were still in the middle of their extended divorce proceedings, had litigation attorneys representing each of them, but had heard about me, and asked my help regarding a unique issue.  Husband had retired and was leaving Orange County and relocating to the Phoenix area.  Wife was still working, and very much involved in her career.  The couple did not have any human children during their marriage, but owned Cita, a beloved German Shepherd, and needed assistance in developing a timeshare arrangement. 

     The hardest part concerned transportation of Cita, and pinpointing a location that would be approximately mid-way between South Orange County and the Phoenix area.   We studied maps to locate a central place off the 10 freeway where they could meet at a specific restaurant and rest stop to make it as comfortable as possible for Cita and them.  I drafted their agreement as a court order, and when my clients and their divorce attorneys had agreed to final revisions including the  health and physical care of Cita, the stipulated document was signed and filed with the court. 

     The best part of this unique experience was husband coming to my office to sign the agreement and bringing Cita with him so I could meet my unique client.  When I saw Cita approaching and called out to her, she wagged her tail and approached me lovingly as if she knew my purpose in assisting her human parents was to peacefully resolve their doggie parenting plan.  It was a beautiful and touching experience that I will never forget.