Divorce Mediation in Anaheim Hills, CA

Through the process of mediation, a divorcing couple can make their own decisions regarding their children, property division, and support. The process of mediation is completed out of court with the assistance of a neutral mediator. In California, the mediation process is confidential and private. There is no testimony in court, and no need to go to court at all if the husband and wife complete all their agreements in the mediation process. Depending upon the complexity of the divorce, additional professionals (coaches, child, and financial specialists) can be brought into the mediation to help each spouse (or partner) reach educated decisions.

Leslee Newman has proven herself as an exceptional and experienced mediator for more than three decades. She provides a tranquil, and compassionate environment, as well as the ability to guide couples effectively, creatively, and efficiently through their matter. Leslee provides a complete package that includes the drafting of all documents to begin and complete the case.

Mediation may also include premarital agreements, post-marital agreements, and modification of court orders, entered into many months or years after the couple completed their original mediation process.