Get a Peaceful Divorce Out of Court

Many people do not want to go to court. This desire is especially true for married couples who are divorcing and have young children, as well as for mature couples. Many people want to maintain a relationship of respect for one another and keep their relationship matters private.

Through an amicable divorce, also known as "Cooperative Divorce" and "Uncontested Divorce" in the Anaheim, California area, the separating couple can achieve their goals for privacy, respect, and dignity.

A "Cooperative Divorce" is any family law case in which the spouses (or partners) and their attorneys (and sometimes other professional participants) agree orally, or in writing, to keep their process out of court. However, in a Cooperative Divorce, if negotiations break down, the lawyers and other professionals can continue to represent the spouses, even in court litigation, for one or more parts of the case.

Options for Peaceful Divorce Proceedings

Other forms of "Amicable Divorce" could include just one of the spouses (or partners) retaining an attorney and the other spouse cooperates without the need for separate counsel, or a judge's orders. There is generally an oral or even written agreement and understanding that they will keep the divorce out of court, and settle their issues through meetings and conferences with one another. The obvious disadvantage is that the unrepresented spouse (or partner) does not fully comprehend the agreement and is disadvantaged.

Leslee's mission is to explain the different options of divorce so that each interested person or couple can tailor their needs to the process that serves them best. She focuses her practice on helping the residents in and around Anaheim Hills, California, and the Orange and Los Angeles County areas.

Resolving through an amicable divorce process does not mean that you need to give up things that are important to you, nor does it mean that you have to concede to every issue to your former spouse just to keep the peace. Amicable divorce simply means that you and your former spouse can come together and reach mutually beneficial decisions while keeping your dignity intact and maintaining your family's integrity in a mature and compassionate manner.