How to Have a Peaceful and Successful Divorce

Posted by Leslee NewmanMay 04, 20210 Comments

How do you avoid the trauma of divorce – the battle, the fighting which can endure for many months or years, and the constant argument and opposition to a partner whom you once loved or even still care about?

What does it mean to have a peaceful and successful divorce? How do you discuss and create solutions to divide your assets and debts; share the parenting of your children who are not yet adults or still in school; and calculate a fair distribution of earnings to support two households?

Mental health professionals tell us that when we are angry, in trauma, and emotional, that we are not thinking with the best, problem-solving parts of our brains. How are we able to master our emotions to think rationally and to creatively develop solutions and a new sense of purpose? How can we recreate some of the empathy that we formerly had for our spouse or partner to create a base for teamwork, connection, and solution?

Through an out-of-court process of mediation or collaborative divorce, working with a skilled mediator, or collaborative team of professionals, it is possible to transition from battle to cooperative settlement. It is also possible to save months of court litigation and financial resources which would fund the divorce process, by selecting the alternative of mediation or collaboration.

At this difficult time when court proceedings have been put on hold, and are unpredictable, resolving a divorce case out of court is faster because Husband and Wife control the speed of the process and are not subject to the court's closure(s), reduced staff, and unpredictable scheduling.

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